Op Ed: Dream Project helps high school seniors get into college

  By Cliff Wong Six years ago, a group of high school students arrived at the center during the peak financial aid season. It was an extremely busy Saturday with the waiting area already filled-to-capacity. Suddenly, an assembly of Asian seniors from North Quincy High School arrived at the center. They appeared confused and ill-prepared for service. It didn’t help that closing time at the center was an hour away. Unable to assist them, we asked the group to return at a later time. Disappointedly, they agreed to return, and departed. Unexplainably however, I pursued the group and promised to … Continue reading

Mental health: Four unique challenges facing Chinese international students

By Justin Chen, psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Lusha Liu, psychiatrist In April, Harvard University sophomore Andrew Sun jumped to his death from a seven-story building in Boston. He was 20 years old. News of Sun’s suicide shocked the Harvard community. The well-liked young man originally from China had moved as a rising high school sophomore to the United States, where he quickly distinguished himself as an outstanding and ambitious student. At Harvard he studied economics, tutored children in South Boston and was active in a campus Christian association; colleagues there remembered him as a caring and supportive friend … Continue reading

How to combat constipation in children

By Khoa Tran, MD, Tufts Medical Center (Khoa Tran) “Minna Unchi” (“Everybody Poops”), a Japanese children’s book by Tarō Gomi, has long been used by parents to teach their children about the natural process of having bowel movements. In addition to showing a variety of different animals such an elephant or a mouse passing stool, it shows that babies use a diaper, small children use a small potty toilet and older children use a toilet. And while that remains the ideal progression, for many families, the process of teaching children how to transition from diapers to a potty toilet is … Continue reading

Back to school shopping without breaking the bank

  By MassMutual It seems like the summer is just getting going, and already it’s time to start thinking about back to school. The children may still be wearing bathing suits, flip flops and sunglasses, but many families are already thinking about books, backpacks and boots. Unfortunately for many families, back to school shopping may also mean whining children and nagging parents arguing over an endless list of electronics, expensive sneakers, and the like. This year, instead of frustration, opt for cooperation from your school-aged kids. Back-to-school time is the big buying season for them, so take the opportunity to … Continue reading

Student voices: Adult learners reflect on coming to America

  By Ruba Nazzal and Yuchan Zhang Despite educational achievements in their native countries, many immigrant adults often make the difficult decision to return to school after they arrive in the United States, balancing work and family responsibilities with the demands of improving their English to reach their goals of higher levels of education and better jobs with family-sustaining salaries. Students who are studying in Chinatown will share their stories, including their successes and the challenges that lie ahead. Ruba Nazzal, Jordan I believe that every student has a story to tell. When I came here to America, I was … Continue reading

Five financial aid websites for high school students

When your child is ready for college it is overwhelming to start thinking about the financial coverage for their education. For most of us, it is a huge financial toll that can discourage families. On top of that, filling out a FAFSA worksheet can be confusing and overwhelming. With your determination to financially support your child’s college education it’ll help to know some tips, steps to take and where to look in order to secure money for school. Reichart, Go Financial Aid is a consulting company that offers free online services in educating students on the financial aid process. Services … Continue reading