About Ling-Mei Wong 黃靈美

Editor of the Sampan, the only bilingual Chinese-English newspaper in New England 舢舨報紙總編輯。舢舨是全紐英倫唯一的中英雙語雙週報。

‘The Joy Luck Club’ examines Chinese immigrant identity

In Amy Tan’s novel “The Joy Luck Club,” an old woman brings a swan from Shanghai to America. On her journey, she coos to the swan, “In America I will have a daughter just like me. But over there nobody will say her worth is measured by the loudness of her husband’s belch. Over there nobody will look down on her, because I will make her speak only perfect American English. And over there she will always be too full to swallow any sorrow! She will know my meaning, because I will give her this swan — a creature that became more than what was hoped for.” Continue reading

Chinese Americans speak out in mental health series

Mental illness has a stigma in the Chinese community, making it difficult for affected individuals to seek help. “Many people feel ashamed about their problems and doubt the treatment,” said George Hsu, a retired professor of psychiatric medicine at Tufts Medical Center, who participated in the series. Continue reading

Serve your family a healthy Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is an annual feast full of delicious treats — turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, eggnog, wine and much more. Nutrition and food safety are important to make this family event a great time. Continue reading

How to buy a home

Have you ever thought about buying a new house because you are tired of renting? Did you settle in a new city and get involved in a long-term relationship or a new job? Or do you just want to buy your own property to taste a sense of ownership? The list of reasons for buying a home goes on. Despite all the expenses of a new home — maintenance fees, property taxes, house repairs or gas for your lawnmower — you can actually save a considerable amount of money by following these four tips. Continue reading

Yi-Wen Club discovers history with two Chinese authors

The Yi-Wen Club held its monthly book club on Nov. 4. Two writers, Shuping Yao and Specer Hu, talked about their new books at the meeting. Both authors studied science when they were young and later devoted their lives to writing novels that are concerned with historical and martial themes. Because of the originality and uniqueness of the topics, the meeting was fervently welcomed by the participants. Continue reading