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Editor of the Sampan, the only bilingual Chinese-English newspaper in New England

How to combat winter blues

Seasonal affective disorder is a specific form of depression that only occurs during a certain time of the year. In rare cases, this can actually be the summertime, but for most people, it occurs in the winter months. Similar to regular depression, it tends to arise during the teenage years and early adulthood, especially for women. Continue reading

Youth Voices: Ward off dry winter skin with homemade facials

The wintry weather is harsh on skin with blustery winds and indoor heat. Your skin will lose its moisture — in other words, the freezing winter temperatures will dry your skin. However, to restore your skin’s moisture, homemade face masks repair and brighten your skin considerably. Continue reading

Event Calendar (Jan. 11 – Jan. 24)

Shin-Yi Yang, founder of the Boston GuZheng Ensemble, will hold a winter GuZheng concert for her students. GuZheng is a 21-stringed Chinese zither that has about 2,500 years of history. In the ancient time it was played by court and folk musicians. Students will perform both traditional and modern music solo. Concert is free to the public. Continue reading