CLARIFICATIONS The article entitled “October Chinatown Neighborhood Council meeting: Kensington Place and Chinatown Park” in the last issue states that the Barr Foundation has donated $10,000 to the Greenway Conservancy.  Kye Liang from the Chinatown Gateway Coalition’s is to be credited for making the fund from the Barr Foundation available to Greenway Conservancy. CHINATOWN Sustainable Chinatown Kick Off Event This event will mark the beginning of the Sustainable Chinatown Project, a partnership between the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Asian Civic Association, and Chinatown businesses, funded by The Barr Foundation.  There will be information on money savings options including energy efficiency … Continue reading

Chinatown businesses going green, at last

Poultry shops are not exactly popular spots for Chinatown locals to catch up on the latest gossip. Well, there is a reason for it.  Upon entering Ming Kee Ming Kee Poultry Market on Kneeland Street, one’s olfactory and auditory senses are severely tested in the presence of the dozens of cooped-up birds.  On the afternoon November 11, a young man decided to rise to the challenge by working in the company of quacking feathered friends.  Electrician John D’Agostina spent the afternoon re-lamping and re-ballasting the lights to help the shop conserve energy and cut energy costs.   Emily Damiano, Program Director … Continue reading

Eat, Play, Laugh– Buds and Blossoms knows how to have family fun

On November 6, over 300 adults and 60 children packed into the great hall of Empire Garden Restaurant in Chinatown for the 2010 Fall Frolic, a family social and fundraising event hosted by Buds and Blossoms (B&B) Early Education and Care Center, a Mandarin-immersion childcare program under the Asian American Civic Association (AACA). The event celebrated children and the excitement of learning. Little ones huddled around various arts and crafts tables to learn about Chinese recreational activities – everything from Chinese calligraphy, chopsticks games, dough figurines, marble games and origami to reading books in Mandarin. The adults kept themselves busy … Continue reading


Tears escape my eyes as I recite the lyrics to your heart the song I could hear the note I cant reach because you’re far away away from my embrace away from the love that sang together the hearts that fit together like puzzles all went crashing down the pieces that cut when touched the pieces that cant even be fixed awaken trying to find a way back to you struggling to sleep on this dream months since you’ve been stuck on my mind desire to be in your arms even more floors creaks making me look up to see … Continue reading

Advocacy groups weigh in on immigration rights

According to Lily Huang, who is affiliated with the Student Immigration Movement, “you can’t talk about immigration without talking about Asian Americans.”  On October 28, 2010, the Asian American Resource Workshop hosted the Immigration Rights Panel 101 at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center.  Joining Lily Huang were three other panelist: Dimple Rana (Deport Diaspora), Amy Leung (Chinese Progressive Association), and June Beack (Neighborhood Legal Services.  The topics of focus were deportation, detention, and the Dream Act. Many families come to the US in hopes of a better future, but, unfortunately, some are undocumented.  As a result, they could face deportation.  … Continue reading