Cello prodigy Kett Lee takes pride in his Chinese heritage

If you are watching a musical at the Lyric Stage Theater in the Back Bay, you will find only one Asian face in the orchestra — Kett Lee, a Chinese-Malaysian — and the only cellist on stage. Lee started to learn piano at nine, and erhu and pipa at 12, but he is most skilled in cello. Now Lee is a freelancer in the Boston area, performing at different musical shows. Lee said for almost every orchestra, he was the only Asian. He is also ranked as the first cellist in the Boston area. “Every time the orchestras need a … Continue reading

9th Annual Films at the Gate

Friday through Sunday, September 12-14 7pm Cultural Performan 8pm Showing of Feature Film Chinatown Park on the Rose Kennedy Greenway  Watch free movies under the stars! This is a three-day martial arts film festival which takes place Fridaythrough Sunday, September 12-14, 2014 in Chinatown Park on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.   The film festival begins at 7 pm with martial arts and other cultural performances followed by the feature film at 8 pm.   Up to 1000 people pass through the entire course of the event. (English and Chinese subtitles provided) Cost: FREE Contact info:  info@asiancdc.org Event Webpage: http://www.asiancdc.org/content/9th-annual-films-gate Please follow and like us:

Harvard Chinese Culture Workshop

Thursday, June 12 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Common Room, Harvard Yenching Lib. Harvard University 2 Divinity Ave. Cambridge,  MA 02138 Speakers: Wen Huaisha President of school of Chinese language and literature at Shanghai University Topic: Chinese literature and commodity Dai Liaobin College fellow at Harvard University Topic: Zhu Xi in Analects Jiang Youguo Post-doctor at Harvard University, Visiting scholar at Oxford University, Vice-president of Woods School at Boston College Topic: Liberal arts in globalization Please follow and like us: