Year of the Earth Dog: Quit smoking first

Start the Year of the Dog off right by calling the Asian Smokers’ Quitline and receiving a pack of lucky red envelopes. (Image courtesy of ASQ.)

By the Asian Smokers’ Quitline


The Year of the Earth Dog is a good time for lifestyle changes and for the start of new business ventures. It is the perfect time to think about future goals and what you want to achieve for you and your family.

Before making any other plans: quit smoking. Smoking not only harms every organ in your body but harms everybody in your family.  It is still the leading cause of preventable death. Men are especially prone to smoke because in Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese culture, men are often expected to smoke during social and business gatherings. When families gather for the New Year, smokers may be in the habit of smoking together.

But smoking not only damages the smoker’s health but the health of others around them, too.  Secondhand smoke contains over 7,000 toxic chemicals and has the same unhealthy effects on nonsmokers as it does on smokers. Family members will be more susceptible to colds, ear infections and developing asthma. Worse yet, children who grow up watching a parent smoke are more likely to become addicted to smoking themselves.

The ASQ 1-800-838-8917 (Cantonese and Mandarin), 1-800-556-5564 (Korean) and 1-800-778-8440 (Vietnamese), serviced by the Asian Smokers’ Quitline, can help you break the cycle of tobacco addiction. When you call the ASQ or enroll online to complete an intake, you will receive a packet of self-help quit smoking materials, and free telephone counseling will be offered as well. Eligible callers may receive a free two-week supply of nicotine patches.

To promote a healthy start of the year of the Earth Dog, ASQ will give a pack of lucky red envelopes to those who call the ASQ or enroll online to complete an intake from now until Feb. 20. While supplies last!

Start the New Year on the right path. Quit first, and then achieving all your other goals will become easier, when you and your family are happy and healthy. Contact ASQ at one of these languages lines: ASQ 1-800-838-8917 (Cantonese and Mandarin), 1-800-556-5564 (Korean) and 1-800-778-8440 (Vietnamese) today or register at ASQ website: Chinese:, Korean:, or Vietnamese:


Characteristics of ASQ Service:

  • One-on-one confidential telephone counseling
  • Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Vietnamese
  • A free two-week starter kit of nicotine patches
  • Self-help materials
  • Non mandatory
  • Scientifically proven in clinical trials to double smokers’ chances of successfully quitting


ASQ is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Pacific Time (10 a.m. – Midnight Eastern Time).

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