Three big home buying mistakes to avoid

By Elena M. Lau

When looking for a home, avoid impulse buying. (Image courtesy of Flickr user Decor8 Holly.)

When it comes to buying a home, there are many intricacies that buyers are often not aware of. When they are in such a situation, they are dealing with frustration and stress. Read on these big mistakes to avoid before embarking on buying a home.


  1. Going solo or misrepresented

There are buyers who believe that going solo is more advantageous than having an agent representing them. Others may think that going straight to the seller or listing agent will get them the best pricing and terms. What buyers do not realize is that the listing agent is working for the best interest of the sellers, not the buyers. As noted on the Massachusetts Mandatory Real Estate Licensee-Consumer Relationship Disclosure, the “seller’s agent must put the seller’s interest first and attempt to negotiate price and terms acceptable to their seller client.”

There is no cost to buyers to hire a buyer’s agent. The key is to hire the right one who can best represent their interests.


  1. Choosing the wrong house

In this competitive and fast-paced real estate environment, it is easy to go by impulse, and buyers may end up getting the wrong house. Although there is no perfect home, buyers and their agents should do due diligence on a property as soon as possible. After all, buyers purchase a home to provide a better lifestyle and build equity. Buying right is surely the way to do so.


  1. Neglecting to get everything in writing

Do not assume that things that you expect to come with the house will be part of the sale. If there is anything buyers want in the house, such as windows treatments, shower or kitchen fixtures, buyers must ensure that they are part of the sale. It must be in writing on the Contract to Purchase and Purchase & Sales agreement.


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