Clark slams gun bill: “gun lobby is the only one who gets a vote in Congress”

Washington, D.C. – On Wednesday, Congresswoman Katherine Clark slammed the national concealed carry reciprocity proposal in Congress, stating: “..we’re talking about a bill that invites domestic abusers to buy a gun in a state with lax laws and legally carry that gun into any other state.”

“Anyone with common sense can tell you that this is not only an abdication of our duty to keep Americans safe, it is an overt favor to the rich and powerful gun lobby. But that’s no surprise, because it seems the gun lobby is the only one who gets a vote in this Congress.”

“And who will pay? Not the rich and powerful gun lobby. No, it will be the next innocent victim of preventable gun violence. The one who you couldn’t bother to give a vote.”

Full remarks can be viewed here:

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