Leap of Faith Orchestra performs SuperClusters by PEK on Dec. 1

Leap of Faith Orchestra Performs SuperClusters by PEK
1 December 2017 – 8 pm – FREE
Pickman Hall, Longy School of Music, 27 Garden Street, Cambridge MA
Sparkles, at Evil Clown, presents the Leap of Faith Orchestra performing SuperClusters by PEK.

See the Feature Article, An Evil Clown and A Leap of Faith, by Karl Ackermann on AllAboutJazz.com

See other reviews and press: http://www.evilclown.rocks/press—newsletters.html

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The Leap of Faith Orchestra is a large improvisation ensemble comprised of 5 Sub-Units that can play independently or in combination.

Those Sub-Units are:

  • Leap of Faith (an improvisation ensemble dating back to 1995)
  • Metal Chaos Ensemble (an expanded percussion section)
  • String Theory (an expanded string section)
  • Turbulence (an expanded horn section)
  • New Language Collaborative (Leap of Faith cellist Glynis Lomon’s trio)

When deciding that I wanted to create a large improvisation ensemble version of Leap of Faith, I reflected on my prior experience with large groups where we tried to gather the entire group and rehearse. I decided to take a different approach and to develop the orchestra slowly over time by working with many smaller sections and combinations ultimately leading to the full unit. Now, all the orchestra members have experience performing with each other in various combinations, and we have created a lot of great work in the process. The debut performance of the full LOFO, The Expanding Universe, occurred in June 2016; the follow-up, Supernovae, was performed in November 2016; the most recent, Possible Universes, in May 2017: All to critical acclaim. See reviews on AllAboutJazz.com, FreeJazzBlog, the New York City Jazz Record and elsewhere (link above to the Evil Clown website press page).

This work, SuperClusters, unlike the preparation performances which are purely improvised, has a score. The score does not contain notated melodic, harmonic or rhythmic information, but is composed of Frames: Time indices along with simple graphic symbols and English language descriptions for each performer of the instrument and texture desired. The Frames control who plays what at what times during the 75 minute duration of the composition. The score is simultaneously a Density and Sonority map defining the development of the work. See the draft score on the Evil Clown website

The ensemble tracks the time on the score with a large digital sports clock.

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