Sumiao Hunan Kitchen to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with mooncake social media giveaway on Oct. 4

In celebration of this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival – the second grandest festival in China, after the Chinese New Year – Boston’s only Hunan restaurant, Sumiao Hunan Kitchen, will be bringing the beloved, family tradition to Kendall Square with live music and a social media giveaway for moon cakes, the characteristic festival food, on Wednesday, October 4.

Mooncakes, which are little known treats here in the United States, are round pastries that represent a full moon and symbolize the reunion of family. They are gifted between Hunanese friends and family while celebrating the festival, which occurs on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar.

In honor of the holiday, Sumiao Hunan Kitchen will be gifting its new friends with these symbols of lunar appreciation in an interactive way. Those who visit Sumiao Hunan Kitchen on October 4, post a photo from their visit on social media and show it to their server, will receive a complimentary mooncake for dessert.

Sumiao Hunan Kitchen
270 3rd Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

Wednesday, October 4th

Complimentary with proof of social media post.


Opened in July of 2017, Sumiao Hunan Kitchen is first Hunanese concept in Greater Boston. Located in the bustling and tech-driven Kendall Square, Sumiao Hunan Kitchen is the loving creation of Sumiao Chen – a passionate female restaurateur and scientist from Xiangtan, Hunan, China – and a team of restaurant industry veterans and investors. Sumiao, whose name in Chinese means “sketch,” stays true to her namesake by creatively melding tradition with modernity to bring forth an unmatched dining and social experience. Sumiao Hunan Kitchen aims to shatter preconceived notions that Chinese food is a low-cost, low-quality experience by introducing an authentic, contemporary Asian concept that is largely unknown in the local area. For more information, please call (617) 945-0907 or visit Follow Sumiao Hunan Kitchen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @SumiaoHunan

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