Sumiao Hunan Kitchen celebrates World Baijiu Day, August 9

Newly opened Hunanese restaurant to shake up baijiu-laced cocktails on August 9

WHAT:             In celebration of World Baijiu Day, Kendall Square’s newly opened Sumiao Hunan Kitchen will be shaking up specialty cocktails using the world’s most consumed spirt. Baijiu, a Chinese grain spirit known as shaojiu or sorghum wine that is rarely seen in these parts, will take centerstage at Boston’s first Hunanese restaurant on August 9 as their team serves up playful interpretations of traditional drink.

In addition to popping baijiu by the bottle including Maotai ($288), Wuliangye ($188) and LuhzouLaojiao ($118), the team at Sumiao also will offer tastings of baijiu in one-ounce pours from the Hong Kong ($11) and Jiannanchun ($16) varietals. Beverage consultant Richard Echeverria has created a collection of baijiu-laced libations ($14 each) that give Bostonians a taste of Chinese culture including the Schrodinger’s Coupe with Hong Kong, curaco, grapefruit, lime and plum bitters; Ice Cold Fusion with Mianzhu Daqu, cognac, triple sec and lemon; Perpetual Motion with Mianzhu Daqu, blood orange, lime, elderflower liqueur and mint; and, Pyroclastic Punch with Hong Kong, Fruitlab hibiscus liqueur, passionfruit cordial and lemon.


WHERE:           Sumiao Hunan Kitchen

                        270 3rd Street

Cambridge, MA 02142


WHEN:            Wednesday, August 9, 2017


MORE INFO:  Baijiu cocktails and bottles are available at a la carte pricing.



Opened in July of 2017, Sumiao Hunan Kitchen is first Hunanese concept in Greater Boston. Located in the bustling and tech-driven Kendall Square, Sumiao Hunan Kitchen is the loving creation of Sumiao Chen – a passionate female restaurateur and scientist from Xiangtan, Hunan, China – and a team of restaurant industry veterans and investors. Sumiao, whose name in Chinese means “sketch,” stays true to her namesake by creatively melding tradition with modernity to bring forth an unmatched dining and social experience. Sumiao Hunan Kitchen aims to shatter preconceived notions that Chinese food is a low-cost, low-quality experience by introducing an authentic, contemporary Asian concept that is largely unknown in the local area. For more information, please call (617) 945-0907 or visit Follow Sumiao Hunan Kitchen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @SumiaoHunan.

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