Restaurant review: Ice Age

Summer has arrived in Boston. If you want to cool off, Ice Age offers some sweet relief in Chinatown with ice cream served not in a cone, but Hong Kong style egg puff waffles.

The egg waffles are delicious when hot. Sold as street food in Hong Kong, egg waffles are sweet, egg-based batter cooked in a special mold on a hexagonal griddle. The best egg waffles are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside of the “eggs.”

The Strawbanana from Ice Age, made with a Hong Kong egg waffle, strawberries, bananas, strawberry ice cream and Pocky. (Image courtesy of Ling-Mei Wong.)

The Strawbanana ($7) marries a hot egg waffle with freezing strawberry ice cream. Topped with fresh strawberries, bananas, Pocky sticks and chocolate syrup, it was perfect to share with a friend.

The standard portion is plenty for a dessert. Ice Age is generous with its unlimited toppings, which include cereal, fruit, candy, cookies, mochi and condensed milk.

Finding Ice Age requires walking up a flight of stairs, entering Tea Do and then walking up another flight of stairs. There are cozy chairs and games in Ice Age, making this an inviting space.

If you want to beat the heat, step into Ice Age for cool dessert.


Ice Age
8 Tyler Street
Boston, MA 02111

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