Boston City Council creates special committee on Community Preservation Act

The committee will nominate CPC members and oversee its work


Boston – This week the Boston City Council named members of the Special Committee on the Community Preservation Act. This Special Committee will recommend nominees for the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) to be appointed by the City Council, and will monitor the activities of the CPC to encourage transparency and community input. The Special Committee will be chaired by Councilor Michael F. Flaherty (At-Large), with Councilor Andrea J. Campbell (D-4) serving as Vice Chair.

“The Community Preservation Act gives Boston an important tool to fund much needed projects in our neighborhoods,” said Council President Michelle Wu. “With the issue area expertise that these Councilors bring the the Committee, I am confident in the process they will run to evaluate candidates for the CPC. I look forward to working with them and attending hearings to find the right candidates for the City Council to appoint.”

The funds raised under the provisions of the Community Preservation Act (CPA) will fund projects in Boston for affordable housing, open space, and historical preservation. The funds will be distributed by the nine member CPC. Five of those members are appointed by the Mayor according to state statute and the other four are appointed by the City Council. Of those four seats, one person will be appointed who has experience in development, business, finance, or any combination thereof and one person will be appointed who has expertise in open space, affordable housing, historic preservation, or any combination thereof. The remaining seats will be for two people who have a history of involvement in their local communities.

“I thank Council President Wu for her leadership in creating the Special Committee on the Community Preservation Act, and I look forward to continue working with Councilor Campbell and our colleagues on moving forward to set up the Community Preservation Committee (CPC),” said Councilor Michael F. Flaherty. “The Committee will allow us to go through a comprehensive process in making sure that not only does the CPC reflect the City of Boston, but also that funding is being allocated equitably to improve our city.”

“I am honored to continue partnering with Councilor Flaherty as we establish the Council’s Community Preservation Committee, a crucial step toward selecting candidates for the CPC and realizing the incredible benefits of the Community Preservation Act in the City of Boston,” said Councilor Andrea Campbell. “I look forward to working with my colleagues and community to select a diverse group of experts and community-involved leaders to serve on the CPC.”

The Special Committee will be assisted by a 90-day Working Group that was also created this week. That group will be made up of community members and stakeholders including representatives of the Yes for a Better Boston coalition.

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  1. The Office of the City Council President has been keeping out of reach the City Stenographer Stenographic Record of Council Public Meetings. Records Management, Archival practices of Boston City Council need improving.

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