Restaurant review: Dig Inn

The Mac and Cheese at Dig Inn. (Image courtesy Dig Inn.)

Dig Inn recently opened on Washington Street and is providing Boston residents with delicious vegetable friendly meals.

Dig Inn is a restaurant inspired by the seasons and the act of cooking. Patrons can expect classic recipes with lots of vegetables, expertly prepared, and sourced mindfully from farmers and producers the store knows and trusts. Whether you’re looking for whole grains, naturally-raised meats, or fresh veggies, it’s got a bowl with your name on it.

The roasted summer kale bowl ($3.27) is perfect for a lunch on a summer afternoon. Often kale can taste tasteless and unsatisfying. However, this dish proves to be the exception. The kale is roasted to perfection and adds a fun crunch to the dish. Garlic chips are also in a rich tomato sauce.

The wild sockeye salmon ($4.67) is a fan favorite. The Alaskan salmon is grilled with pesto vinaigrette. The salmon falls apart in your mouth and is mouthwatering. The pesto sauce adds an extra kick to the salmon to add a multi-dimensional bite.

The upstate Mac and Cheese ($3.27) is also a must try on the menu. The pasta is made with whole wheat pasta and is topped off with bread crumbs. It is one of the best mac and cheeses the city has to offer. The cheese is milky and gooey in all the right places. Bread crumbs add a much needed crunchy bite to the plate. To top it off, it is a healthy way to eat mac and cheese, which makes every bite so much more delicious.

Dig Inn offers fresh salads. (Image courtesy of Dig Inn.)

All of the items on the menu are affordable and fair. It can sometimes be hard to find an establishment in the city that offers reasonable prices for high-quality food. All of the dishes are healthy and would be a fun way to introduce vegetables to children.

The atmosphere at Dig Inn is inviting and welcoming. Staffers are friendly and professional. They also know the menu well and are willing to offer suggestions on what to try next.


Dig Inn
277 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02108

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