Mass Pike Tenants protest ‘highway robbery’ on July 14

Tenants from Mass Pike Towers, a 200-unit low-income housing development in Boston Chinatown, will don bandanas, water pistols, and bags of play money to protest Trinity Financial’s “highway robbery” in an ongoing dispute over the tenant association’s right to purchase the tenants’ homes.
WHO: Mass Pike Towers Tenant Association representatives and supporters
WHAT: Protest against Trinity’s “Highway Robbery” in the Mass Pike Towers case
WHEN: High Noon (12:00 pm) on Friday, July 14, 2017
WHERE: Sidewalk in front of Trinity Financial’s Offices
75 State Street, Downtown Boston
The Mass Pike Towers Tenant Association and a non-profit development partner offered $42 M to purchase the 200-unit low-income development in Chinatown last year under a purchase option agreement reached with Trinity Financial when it bought the property in 2000.  Trinity received more than $15 M in public financing to purchase the property for $6.1 M in 2000.  Now Trinity is demanding that the tenant association pay a sale price of $61 M, citing a fair market appraisal that the tenant association claims does not follow the terms of the 2000 agreement. A lawsuit brought by the tenant/non-profit partnership is pending.
Tenants will pass out informational flyers and protest Trinity’s “highway robbery” in front of the developer’s offices. Trinity Financial is one of five developers currently bidding to redevelop the Mary Ellen McCormack public housing project in South Boston, but tenants say that its broken promises and excessive greed make Trinity a poor choice for continued public investment.
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