Commonwealth Seminar one-day seminar Saturday July 29, in Lowell

Join us in Lowell, next Saturday!
We’re excited to bring the Commonwealth Seminar to Lowell, MA for a special, intensive, one-day session where students will learn the “essentials” about:
– The legislative & budgetary processes,
– Lobbying/advocacy
– Working with the legislature, state & non-profit agencies and other governmental entities, and…
– Press & media relations
This special, one-day session will be held
next Saturday, July 29th from 10am-5pm at the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association (CMAA – 465 School Street, Lowell MA)
(… Note: fee waivers available upon request)
A number of our suburban community partners have mentioned their desire to participate in the Seminar, but noted the difficulty in commuting the required six-consecutive weeks into Boston.
It is our hope that this intensive, one-day version of our Seminar will help provide participants some of the “essentials” to help navigate & influence the decision making process at the local, state and federal levels.
A huge “thank you!” to our generous community partners at the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association for hosting us, and a huge “thank you!” to: Seminar alumnus, O. Sophia Johansson, Seminar Administrator (and alum!), Emily Torres-Cullinane, and Seminar Intern (and alum!), Lily Tang for their hard work, tireless commitment and persistence in putting this event together for the community.
We hope you can join us, next Saturday, in Lowell!
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