BCNC names new board president, recognizes Selina Chow

Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center welcomed new Board President, Eugene Mahr, at its annual meeting at the Pao Arts Center on June 28. (From left) Giles Li, Joanna Chow, Selina Chow. (Photo by Ethiopiah Al-Mahdi)

Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC) welcomed new Board President, Eugene Mahr 馬以正at its annual meeting held at the Pao Arts Center on June 28. Eugene is the Director of Development, Asia at Boston University and he has served on BCNC’s Board for nine years. Karen Wong, 黃曼紅Chief Operating Officer of marlo marketing also joined the Board of Directors.

Outgoing Board President, Selina Chow 鍾潔姿was recognized for her 10 years of dedicated service to BCNC and the community. Joanna Chow, daughter of Selina Chow and a volunteer of BCNC, paid tribute to her mother: “I know it means a lot to my mom to come from a lineage of people, who stood for something bigger than themselves and would do anything for their communities of friends, family, and even perfect strangers,” she said. “BCNC and organizations like it, and the vast community of people who support Chinatown, give people a springboard to their futures and the impacts are lasting in the lives people are able to lead and in the memories of the people they’ve helped.” During her tenure, Selina has brought many friends and networks to BCNC. She was instrumental in increasing the annual banquet revenue by five times in 10 years, opening a new site in Quincy and launching the Pao Arts Center. Selina will stay on the Board as Vice President.

At the annual meeting many staff members were recognized, including Fred Bennet, Assistant Director of the Adult Education Program, who has dedicated 20 years of service to BCNC.

Retired engineer, John Lape, received an award in recognition of his 13 years of volunteer service as a tutor for adult English students. “One of the most rewarding parts of volunteering at BCNC is to see the students become more comfortable and to be able to express themselves in English, to be able to go out and find a job,” said John. “One of my students took the test to become a translator in hospitals, and she passed, and she has a job working at the hospital now. That’s a reward for me.”


About Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center 

BCNC is the largest nonprofit social service provider dedicated to Asian families in the Greater Boston area, supporting over 2,600 children, youth, and adults each year at three locations in Boston and Quincy. The mission of BCNC is to ensure that the children, youth, and families we serve have the resources and supports they need to achieve greater economic success and social well-being. BCNC helps families access the resources and services available to them, provides opportunities for them to learn and acquire skills, and creates a community of mutual support and encouragement. In May 2017, opened the Pao Arts Center, Chinatown’s first community-based arts, culture, and education center which adds a new and unique Asian American and Asian immigrant cultural space to the landscape of Boston.

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