Council President Wu Authors Hearing Order on Greening City Hall

BOSTON – At this week’s City Council meeting, Council President Michelle Wu and Councilor Michael Flaherty will call for a hearing on ways that Boston can reduce the carbon footprint of City Hall and other municipal buildings. At a time when President Donald Trump has announced that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, the work of local and state governments to lead climate adaptation and mitigation efforts is more important than ever.

Investigating ways that the City could reduce the carbon footprint of our municipal buildings is one action that is entirely within the City Government’s control, and one that can have an immediate impact on our environment. This hearing would explore changes that can be made in maintenance and operations of City buildings, such as energy efficiency in heating and cooling systems, water management, lighting and electricity usage, green roof programs, single-stream recycling, and more.

Such changes will not only advance the City of Boston’s climate readiness, but also save taxpayers in maintenance and energy costs, and create a healthier work environment for City employees.

This action continues the work of the Boston City Council in partnership with Mayor Marty Walsh, the private sector, residents, and other partners to combat the threat posed by climate change.

The complete hearing order can be read here:


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