Wang YMCA hosts Healthy Kids Day

Healthy Kids Day took place at the Wang YMCA of Chinatown on April 29. Volunteers make healthy smoothies for visitors. (Image courtesy of Debra Mei.)

The Wang YMCA of Chinatown opened its doors to young families on April 29 for Healthy Kids Day. The annual event encourages kids and parents in the Boston area to get ready for summer and beyond by being active every day. Healthy Kids Day is the Y’s official start to the best summer.

Nothing charges up kids like summer. Summer is the time for kids to get up, get out and grow. But for some kids, especially from low-income families, exposure to activities that stimulate the body and mind ends with the school year. Research shows kids are prone to gain weight and fall behind in studies when they are out of school. The YMCA provides many programs to make healthy activities fun and find ways for kids to play during summer.

The event featured kid-friendly activities such as mini soccer, tug-of-war, bouncy house, face painting, Soo Bahk Do performance, safety demonstrations, vision screening for kids and prizes. About 16 groups had interactive booths, including Tufts Medical Center, Mass Medical Society, Children Development Lads at Boston University and Microsoft

Everyone was welcome and hundreds of people enjoyed the fun. Children made crafts and played games. It was a great way for families to come try the Y and talk to experts about their fitness plans. The Wang Y had several promotions, such as gift vouchers for three-week summer camps and $0 joiner fee for membership registration.

The Wang YMCA is at 8 Oak Street West.

Phunk Phenomenon performs. (Image courtesy of Debra Mei.) 

Dental students show a child how to brush teeth. (Image courtesy of Debra Mei.)

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