How to teach your kids to avoid smoking

Parents need to set an example for their children by not smoking. (Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.)

For some children and teenagers, smoking might not seem like a big issue. However, it can often lead to trouble. Most adult smokers admitted they first started when they were a teenager.  Every day, almost 3000 children, aged 11 to 18, experiment with their first cigarette stick. More or less 700 kids become regular tobacco cigarette smokers at the same rate. Every year, there are over 250,000 new children smokers in the US, with around a third of this number dying later on due to some illness caused by smoking.

Here are some tips to help your teen make a good decision.

  • Be a good example

Teens are more likely to smoke if their parents smoke. Be a good example for your child and don’t smoke. If you are a smoker, the sooner you quit, the better the chances are for your child to not be a smoker.  Don’t smoke in the house or around your child if you can help it.


  • Have open conversations

Teens can see smoking as a way to fit in with friends or a way to rebel. Have an honest conversation with your teen about smoking and what they think about it. You can mention how advertising companies try influence people in their generation. Also, if your child says they have smoked, don’t scold them. Listen to them and find out why they made that decision.

  • Show them the ugly side

Remind them that smoking causes wrinkles and bad breath. Those are two things most teenagers don’t want. Smoking also turns teeth yellow.


  • Get your children to participate

Make sure your child participates in sports or some after school activity. This will encourage them to remain healthy. Also, the activity can be taken away if they are caught smoking

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