Seniors learn about nutrition and healthy snacks

Dietitian WaiLing Balsley discussed healthy snacking March 30 at 120 Shawmut Avenue. (Image courtesy of South Cove Manor.)

A breakfast seminar discussing healthy snacking took place at 120 Shawmut Avenue on March 30 with about 50 seniors, hosted by South Cove Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. South Cove Manor used to be at Shawmut Avenue, until it moved to Quincy and sold the building to the Boston Chinese Evangelical Church.

Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center dietitian WaiLing Balsley said there were many reasons for snacking. Sometimes it is to satisfy cravings or because we are not in the mood for a big meal. Other times it is because we have a busy schedule and don’t have time for a large meal. Stress may also lead to snacking.

Snacking does have positive health benefits. It can give us energy and improve work performance. However, for snacking to be healthy, we need to make healthy choices.

A good snack has the right components, which are whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean meats, bean and low fat dairy, Balsley said. She demonstrated how to make fruit smoothies and avocado toast, for affordable and nutritious snacking.

When picking a snack, try fruits and vegetables that are in season, Balsley said. Also, pick food that is your favorite. You are more likely to eat it.

The next breakfast seminar on seasonal allergies will take place April 27.

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