Children gather for Chinese school competition

Youth Division competitors lined up April 8 at the New England Chinese speech content at the Culture Center of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Newton. First place winner Maggie Bai is in a red dress. (Image courtesy of Dora Chi.)

Dressed in their Sunday best, 50 students representing seven local Chinese language schools took to the stage to compete in the 2017 New England Chinese School Association’s Chinese speech contest on April 8.

Located at the Culture Center of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office of Newton, in a dance studio-turned-auditorium packed with families, students as young as 4 took turns delivering speeches complete with hand gestures, songs and even dance moves.  The stories ranged from traditional Chinese folktales and informative pieces like Harry Zhou’s “What should children do if they get lost?” to Maggie Bai’s humorous anecdotes about her sibling rivalry, which won her first place in the Youth Division.

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