Attorney General Healey voices support for immigrants

Mass. Attorney General Maura Healey invited members of the ethnic media to a roundtable discussion at her office April 12.

Mass. Attorney General Maura Healey hosted an ethnic media roundtable discussion at her office April 12. (Image courtesy of Sara Brown.)

Healey said one of her biggest priorities is to make sure all Massachusetts residents feel safe and respected during the Trump administration.

“I know there is tremendous fear and anxiety across the community,” Healey said. “The federal administration seems really focused on the continued disrespect of the immigrant community. We need to do all that we can to resist that.”

So far in 2017, Healey’s team has hosted 44 trainings across the state about immigration rights, serving 4,000 people.

Healey also noted the hotline for hate crimes is still available at 1-800-994-3228. She created it after the election when hate crimes were on a rise.

“If something is going on, people can call the hotline and we will look into it,” Healey said.

She is working with cities and towns that are considered sanctuary cities to make sure they do not lose their federal funding.

“Our goal is to make sure communities can decide what is best for them,” Healey said.

Healey said it was important for national security that immigrants feel safe.

“We rely on ears on the ground for us to do our jobs,” Healey said. “It hurts public safety to drive people under the ground. We are better as a society when people feel like they can communicate to officials without fear.”

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  1. Healey promotes illegal immigration at the expense and harm to Massachusetts citizens. She is a State Attorney General that violates Federal law. The Federal Attorney Generals office should identify all Massachusetts citizens killed and harmed by Healeys illegal policies and bring Federal charges against her now.

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