2017 Let’s Talk! Conference on April 15

Saturday, April 15

9:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

13 Appian Way

Cambridge, MA 02138

Harvard Graduate School of Education’s 2nd Annual Let’s Talk! Conference, which will be held this April 15 for parents and guardians, students and other key stakeholders to explore ways of promoting both the success and well-being of Asian and Asian-American high school and college students.

Asian and Asian-American youth today face a variety of stressful situations, ranging from social and familial pressures to an increasingly rigorous and competitive academic system. Furthermore, students who experience intergenerational conflicts in the home and straddle two cultures have an increased risk for psychological difficulties. This year’s conference will also debut a documentary about former Harvard undergrad Luke Tang whose sudden passing in 2015 became an impetus for this conference.

For more information, visit www.talkhgse.org/ 

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