‘Precious Little’ commands with humor and sensitivity

Central Square Theater opened its doors on March 2 for the presentation of Madeleine George’s play “Precious Little.” The unique tale ignites dialogue on language, science and animals, and the finer intricacies of their relationship to each other. This all-female cast acts out eight different characters (including a gorilla) and their original perspectives on life.

Central Square Theater opened its doors on March 2 for the presentation of Madeleine George’s play “Precious Little.” Mikeska Gardner and Karoline Xu take the stage. (Image courtesy of A.R. Sinclair Photography.)

Directed by Melia Bensussen, “Precious Little” follows the story of Brodie, a research linguist, and her internal conflict regarding genetic test results that reveal an unexpected possibility for her unborn child. The life-altering circumstance affects every aspect of her life: her work in linguistics, her personal life with her girlfriend and her own self-reflection through these experiences. The cast, Karoline Xu, Lee Mikeska Gardner and Nancy E. Carroll, delivers a solid performance with humor, sensitivity and realism. Their seamless movements on stage, along with symbolic lighting and music, immediately brings the audience into their world and uncovers questions we may not have thought to ask ourselves.

“Precious Little” teaches us that there are multiple ways to interpret communication and connection. It also challenges the audience to think beyond simple concepts and ask deeper questions. As the play synopsis reads, their question to us is, When does too much knowledge get in the way of our basic instincts?” The play delves into genetics, relationships and intelligence, sure to spark many post-show conversations.

“Precious Little” is now playing until March 26 at Central Square Theater.


Precious Little
March 2 to March 26
Central Square Theater
450 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 576-9278

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