Josiah Quincy Elementary School students experience American history firsthand

Freedom Trail Scholar Program presenters Arielle Kaplan and Conor Burke, visited the Josiah Quincy Elementary School on March 2. (Image courtesy of Ruobing Su.)

The Freedom Trail Scholar Program visited third graders at the Josiah Quincy Elementary School on March 2. Students enjoyed an interactive history lesson on the Boston Tea Party, experiencing the spirit and fervor of the American Revolution.

The presenters Arielle Kaplan and Conor Burke did not lecture the students to sleep. Instead, they portrayed multiple roles and interacted with the students, bringing the nation’s fight for freedom to life in an engaging way. By constantly changing costumes, the presenters went through key facts and introduced important figures. Students participated in reenacting historic events, such as dumping tea into the Boston Harbor to protest the British for taxation without representation in Parliament.

The one-hour presentation was more than a history lesson for the students, as they actively engaged in the performance. The fun format helped them learn American history more effectively.

The Freedom Trail Scholar Program will make more exciting visits during the 2016 to 2017 school year, providing interactive history lessons to better educate students throughout Massachusetts.

Presenter Conor Burke and students perform a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party. (Image courtesy of Ruobing Su.)

Presenters Arielle Kaplan and Conor Burke took on multiple roles to bring America’s historic fight for freedom into schools in a one-hour traveling interactive class with third graders. (Image courtesy of Ruobing Su.)


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