Chinatown residents urged to support Neighborhood Slow Street Zone application

Map of the proposed Neighborhood Slow Street Zone, from south of Kneeland Street to Marginal Road, and Washington Street to Hudson Street. (Image courtesy of Google Maps.)

By Asian CDC, BCNC, Chinatown Main Streets


Sign to support Chinatown’s request before March 24 to become a Neighborhood Slow Street Zone at BCNC, 38 Ash Street, Boston, MA 02111 or online at


The City of Boston will work with Chinatown residents to:

  • Increase city resources devoted to redesigning streets and enforcing safety measures.
  • Design safer pedestrian crosswalks for children and elders to cross.
  • Almost every intersection in the Slow Street Zone will be studied to increase safety.



  • Increased signage
  • Ensure 20 mph speed limits
  • Wider sidewalks and raised, more visible crosswalks
  • More time to cross
  • Street art to remind drivers we are a community
  • Add bicycle lanes
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