New England immigration attorneys denounce President Trump’s Executive Orders

The New England chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) denounces the Executive Orders announced by President Trump today, January 25, 2017.  The mission of AILA includes the promotion of justice and advocacy for fair and reasonable immigration laws. In response to the Executive Orders presented by President Trump, AILA expressed deep concern over his dark portrayal of immigrants as criminals and a drain on our society and economy.


The Executive Orders announced today are intended to follow through on campaign promises to build a wall and deport millions. Trump is calling for increased detention, increased prosecutions of immigrants, and stripping grants from cities and states that adopt welcoming policies. The following is a statement from Susan Church, AILA New England Chapter Chair.


“Our laws require that everyone receive meaningful due process.  This holds true for people who have lived in the United States for decades and for people who are arriving today seeking safety and protection.  These Executive Orders sideline due process.  Further, they are an attack on our values as Americans and threaten to tear families and communities apart.


“It is inefficient and impractical to invest in detention, aggressive deportation strategies, and an exorbitantly expensive border wall.  These policies are both wasteful and inconsistent with our values.  We are a richer, stronger country because we are a country of immigrants.  Our immigration laws and policies must reflect our strengths and address our actual challenges, so that we can reach our full potential as a country.”

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