Formosa Market carries Asia closer to home

Eda Chen loves food, especially the food of her native Taiwan. When she studied accounting in Iowa, she longed to find authentic Taiwanese food to share with her friends.

Formosa Asian Market in Framingham is owned by Eda Chen, a native of Taiwan. She shares her love for Taiwanese food by stocking the shelves with specialty tea, snacks and produce. (Image courtesy of Ling-Mei Wong.) 

“Many of my friends and people I knew were bringing food and sauces from Taiwan in their luggage, which was a hassle,” Chen said. “Thus, I thought, why not start a business which offers delicious and authentic food from Taiwan to Asian food lovers? Also, I could use the opportunity to introduce Taiwanese and Asian food culture to people in the United States.”

Chen opened Formosa Asian Market in Framingham in 2012, using the historic Portuguese name for Taiwan sailors meaning “beautiful island.” The specialty store is bright and clean, stocked with sun cakes, red bean popsicles and Taiwanese street food staple stinky tofu. The team ensures the imported tea, snacks and desserts are properly documented so customers can enjoy new tastes without concerns about food safety.

“I want customers to find the best products here, made with quality ingredients,” Chen said. “We carry pineapple cake made with real pineapple. It’s a distinctive and popular dessert representative of Taiwan.”

Chen works with importers for an expansive inventory from all parts of Asia. The Formosa Market team includes an employee from Japan and is hiring for more staff.

“Here, we help each other out,” Chen said. “It’s like a family.”

Chen’s parents live far from her in Chungli, Taiwan, but managing Formosa Asian Market brings her taste of home. On the shop’s shelves include her childhood favorites of dried squid strips and five-spice Kuai Kuai puffed corn snacks.

“The Formosa Market team can share our dream and love for Asian food,” Chen said. “I’m excited to share my happiness with people.”


Formosa Asian Market

271 Worcester Road

Framingham, MA 01701

(508) 872-1088

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