Youth Voices: Teaching computer science at high schools

By Kaman Hau


In the Feb. 1 edition of Time magazine, Asa Hutchinson’s article “Arkansas Gov: All high schools should teach computer science” discusses President Barack Obama’s $4 billion funding for teaching computer science. Arkansas has taken the initiative and has passed a law that every high school is required to teach computer science classes. In fact, students are allowed to take this course for college credit. As a result of having these classes, Arkansas high schools have seen a 260 percent increase in class enrollment.

Hutchinson found this valuable because it promotes school diversity. Such examples are that schools saw a 609 percent increase of African American students. The state of Arkansas is not only trying to encourage students for success, but to make sure each student has opportunities. Also, the uses of computer science have increased drastically over the years. Jobs are seeking people who have knowledge on this field, and offering this class is an opportunity to prepare students for the future.

The state of Arkansas has started a national movement for all the other states. Computer science has helped students grow their capacities, and this helps our country’s economy.


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