Places to visit: New Orleans

New Orleans is known for everything from jazz to Bourbon Street. The city has so much to offer, making it overwhelming to know where to start. Here is a quick guide on how to the explore this unique city.

Artists line up the street with their work on Frenchman Street. (Image courtesy of Sara Brown.)

Artists line up the street with their work on Frenchman Street. (Image courtesy of Sara Brown.)


New Orleans is known for its Creole cuisine. If you go to New Orleans, you will not leave hungry. Prepare yourself for fine seafood and delicious seasoning. While almost every restaurant will leave you delightfully full, there are several that should be on top of your list. Dragos by the Hilton New Orleans Riverside is known for seafood, particularly lobsters and to-die-for charbroiled oysters. While many would not expect much from a hotel restaurant, this is fine dining at its best.

If brunch is more your style, Court of Two Sisters is perfect. It offers a buffet brunch at a reasonable price. The buffet offers brunch staples such as omelets and pancakes. It also has Creole dishes such as jambalaya and turtle soup. The wait staff is particularly friendly.

Bourbon Street

If you know anything about New Orleans, it’s probably Bourbon Street. The world-famous street is located in the heart of the city, or the French Quarter, and lives up to its crazy reputation. On a weekend night, you can expect huge crowds and most likely several people who have had too much to drink. The street is filled with one bar after another. New Orleans has an open container law so one can drink on the street, as long as the alcohol is in a plastic cup. You can also expect to hear live bands bursting from the walls of every bar. If drunk crowds aren’t your thing but you still want to check out this infamous street, a weeknight would be your best bet.


New Orleans is known for its history. If you are interested in a particular segment of New Orleans’ history, there is most likely a tour for it.

For wildlife lovers, swamp tours let you explore Louisiana’s luscious swamps and get personal with alligators. If you are interested in spooky things, there are several haunted tours where you can learn about New Orleans’ ghost stories and the history of voodoo.

If you are looking to get out of the city, plantation tours include bus transportation to the state’s plantations. While some of the plantations are beautiful structures, it’s alarming to learn about the nation’s painful history of slavery. The history can be uncomfortable, but is eye-opening and necessary.

Musicians perform on Frenchman Street. (Image courtesy of Sara Brown.)

Musicians perform on Frenchman Street. (Image courtesy of Sara Brown.)


Who doesn’t want to come back from a vacation with a cool souvenir? If you like local art, look no further than the Frenchmen Art Market. The street is lit up with Christmas lights. You can find local musicians performing and visual artists drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. Visiting the market is the perfect opportunity to buy a self-made T-shirt, photography or painting from the many vendors in the area.

If you are a vinyl junkie, Louisiana Music Factory should be on your list of places to visit. The store is filled with vinyl records and plays great music. Make sure to say hello to the pet cat.


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