How nutritious is August Moon pomelo?

Growing up in Taipei, my family celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with a moonlit picnic on our apartment building’s roof. There would always be tea, moon cakes and pomelo (柚子), as we gazed at the moon and enjoyed being together. The fragrance of pomelo brings back many happy memories.

Pomelo is seasonal,almost tasting like a sweet grapefruit. It is a citrus fruit with a thick rind that makes for a bright green helmet. As a citrus fruit, it can also be eaten in sections. Three to four pomelo sections are about 60 calories. While this is nowhere near the calorie count of a moon cake, do be mindful of how much pomelo you consume.

A pomelo has three times the vitamin C of a lemon and eight times that of an apple. It also has calcium, protein and fiber.

Consuming 100 grams of pomelo will include110 milligrams of potassium, or about a third of one’s recommended daily dosage, according to the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare. For individuals with kidney problems, they should watch their intake of pomelo carefully.

Fiber in pomelo is tough to digest, so individuals with ulcers and other stomach-related issues should eat less. It also reacts with antihistamines, with possible side effects including headache and heart palpitations.

Pomelo is largely beneficial, although its nutritional properties are not for everyone. The mild flavor is unlike anything else and makes it an August Moon staple.





For kidney patients (腎臟病患者要注意) 柚子每100公克鉀含量110毫克,約一天1/3個含鉀量176毫克

(Ministry of Health and Welfare) 行政院衛生署建議,每日至少三份蔬菜兩份水果,在歡慶佳節的同時,也不可以忘記多吃蔬菜喔,蔬菜含有豐富的抗氧化物質,可以減少烤肉產生的多環芳烴物質對身體的影響。中秋節盛產的柚子,也要適量攝取,因為水果的熱量不低喔。





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