A food aficionado: Lady M

By Anne Ing


strawberry short cake

Strawberry short cake from Lady M. (Image courtesy of Anna Ing.)

arc en ciel

Arc en Ciel from Lady M. (Image courtesy of Anna Ing.)

framboise a la creme

Framboise a la creme from Lady M. (Image courtesy of Anna Ing.)

Green tea crepe cake

Green tea crepe cake from Lady M. (Image courtesy of Anna Ing.)

Based in New York, Lady M is famous for its signature mille crêpe cakes, making it a must-go destination for dessert lovers. Lady M started out catering its beautiful cakes in 2002 to top restaurants before opening its first location on the Upper East Side on 78th Street and Madison Avenue. It expanded to a second New York City location in 2012, with another New York location opening in 2013, a boutique in Los Angeles and two locations in Singapore. This year hailed the opening of five locations in South Korea.

Mille (thousand in French) crêpe (thin pancake) is slathered with pastry cream between each layers. Lady M’s confections have 20 thin golden crêpe layers. It is a beautiful harmony of French and Japanese influences to create visually stunning, airy, light and scrumptious desserts. Each crêpe cake is handmade, looking picture perfect. Though deceptively simple, they are difficult to replicate. The bestseller is the original, but there are other flavors such as strawberry, citron, green tea and chocolate. Other delectable desserts are available as well.

Lady M attracts a global clientele. During a recent visit, I heard Korean, Cantonese, Japanese and Mandarin. Being a green tea lover, I prefer the green tea mille crepe cake ($8 a slice) over the original. The green tea powder atop the cake is visually enticing and not overly bitter. Plus the cake is easy to eat with your fork, while the marriage of the not-too-sweet pastry cream, green tea powder and thin crepes is worth every bite.

Lady M’s take on Strawberry Shortcake ($7.50) has fresh strawberries with vanilla sponge cake and whipped cream frosting. It reminds me of my favorite Asian bakery cake, which is much cheaper. Both are perfect with coffee or tea to balance the richness of the cream.

Some great seasonal cakes include the Arc En Ciel — a chocolate sponge cake base with layers of dark and milk chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, sprinkled with a dusting of cocoa powder on top. The combination of the chocolate layers and flavors meld well with every bite being airy, light without being overpowering and cloyingly sweet.

Another treat is the Framboises a La Crème: Dark chocolate swirl atop whipped cream frosting, then a cheesecake layer with raspberry puree over a vanilla sponge cake base. The cheesecake is creamy, the raspberry puree gives a slightly tart edge but the lightness of the frosting, coupled with the smooth vanilla sponge cake, delights.

The other New York City locations have exclusive special items, such as the Green Tea Éclairs at the Bryant Park boutique on 40th Street or the Banana-Chocolate Mille Crêpes at the Plaza Food Hall. Lady M is a high-end dessert boutique worth checking out for its delicious and gorgeous mille crêpe cakes.



Lady M
41 East 78th Street, New York, NY 10075
(212) 452-2222

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