Clean Up Chinatown to host recycling workshops

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Come early September, the Clean Up Chinatown Committee will run community workshops on how to recycle and inform residents on the importance on cleaning up Chinatown. The committee met August 4 at the Asian American Civic Association.

“It’s about getting involved to improve our behavior on how we handle trash and litter,” said Mary Chin, president of the Clean Up Chinatown Committee. In September, the committee will offer evening and weekend workshops. The committee will also educate the public on what are the sanitary code violations and fines.

In the meantime, a door-to-door campaign will start August with information on recycling and pass out free recycling trash bags throughout Chinatown.

“We are working with property owners to clean up their trash, and it is working very well so far,” said Leo Boucher, committee member and assistant commissioner at City of Boston Inspectional Services Department. “But sometimes it is hard to identify the source of the trash. We are planning to deal with commercial areas.”

The committee is exploring cigarette-butt recycling receptacles as a solution. Currently, the City of Boston, the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association and Chinatown Main Street have hired workers to pick up litter from Chinatown sidewalks.



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