Book review: ‘The Year of the Horse’

Caption: “The Year of the Horse” by Oliver Chin. (Image courtesy of Immedium.)

“The Year of the Horse” by Oliver Chin introduces the Chinese lunar calendar’s twelve zodiac animals to children. This tale about a filly named Hannah and her human friend, Tom, touches on the traits of a horse, the zodiac animal for 2014.

Hannah aspires to become useful like the grownup horses she knows. After the other animals are not able to deliver a painting for Tom’s elderly teacher, Hannah and Tom are called into service. They are instructed on proper behaviors for the trip before they set off on their adventure.

The bright illustrations reflect the illustrator Jennifer Wood’s animation background and highlight the Chinese landscape, wildlife and architecture. Hidden throughout the book are the 11 other zodiac animals, which children will enjoy looking for.

The story is about friendship and love. The horse Hannah helps the young boy Tom finish a task, and they became good friends.

 The Year of the Horse” is a funbook with a beautiful message of friendship, love and trust. The book is not only well-written, its excellent illustrations infuse a great deal of appeal and charm.

Author Oliver Chin has written The Tales from the Chinese Zodiac series and more than a dozen children’s books. He presents at schools, libraries, museums and cultural organizations nationwide, and teaches students how to draw and make their own comic books. His cousin is local community activist Leverett Wing.



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