Founder of Beijing Royal School is special guest at Boston Renaissance

By the Boston Renaissance Charter Public School


At the Boston Renaissance charter school graduation ceremony on June 13th, students were greeted by a special guest, Mr. Guangfa Wang, Chairman of Fazheng Group and President of Beijing Royal School. Beijing Royal School is a leading Chinese K-12 school whose graduates go on to attend the best colleges and universities around the world.

Boston Renaissance Superintendent/CEO Dr. Roger Harris met Mr. Wang while visiting China through the Bridge to China program, an education exchange program sponsored by the Asia Society and Hanban. The two share a mutual interest and shared vision for public education, with a broad curriculum and high standards for teachers and students, among several priorities.


While visiting Boston Renaissance, Mr. Wang and his colleagues got to see Chinese instruction taking place, and were treated to a performance by the school’s Voices of Renaissance student chorus. “Boston Renaissance is doing tremendous work, very similar to what we are focused on at Beijing Royal School”, Wang said through his translator. “I appreciate Dr. Harris’ commitment to introducing America’s urban students to Chinese language and culture”.

Dr. Harris and Mr. Wang also visited local universities together, meeting leaders and faculty from MIT, Harvard, UMass Boston, and Boston University.


Mr. Guangfa Wang is the founder of Beijing Fazheng Group, established in 1993. Fazheng group specializes in real estate, education, medical and health services, legal services, estate management and finance, study abroad services, multinational corporation economic consulting and research, and more, for a well-rounded, cross-section of business management.

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