BPS Student Qualifies for Region IV Rhythmic Gymnastics Team

Date: 5/24/14-5/25/14

Event: Region 4 Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2014

(Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont)

Location: Lake Placid, New York

Jasmine Wong

Jasmine Wong

Jasmine Wong of Rhythmic Dreams of Needham won the level 7 all-around title, as well as the ball, ribbon and floor exercise titles. She placed second in Hoop.  Jasmine and another teammate, Amanda Wong (who attends a different school), made into the  Region IV Team, which will travel to Louisville, KY in July for 2014 USA National Gymnastics Championships in July.


Jasmine’s Bio:

Age: 10 years old

School: Josiah Quincy Elementary School (5th grade)

Neighborhood: Allston, MA

Coach: Ionela Bobrischew

Years in training: Since age 6

Goal: To join the Rhythmic Gymnastics USA National team

Interests: Rhythmic Gymnastics, dancing, reading, biking and swimming


Coach’s comments: “I’ve been in RG for 25 years, during this time I learned a lot about children and how to help them achieve their maximum potential. Jasmine and Amanda are both hard working and talented girls, however perfect talent doesn’t exist. We have to keep working to develop their potential, to learn more and get stronger mentally to deal with the incredible amount of pressure of the sport. What we have achieved so far only tells us we have to work more because every day the demands of the sport are raised and the competition gets stronger. However we do it all with love and enjoy every moment of it. ”



Level 7: 2014 MA State Championship age group all-around, ball, ribbon, hoop and floor exercise titles. Region 4 Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2014, all-around 1st place.

Level 6: 2013 MA State Championship age group all-around champion. Region 4 Rhythmic Gymnastics Regional  Championships 2013 age group all-around champion. J.O. National Championships, age group all around- 2nd place. National Team-future stars.

Level 5: 2012 MA State Championship age group all around champion; Region 4 Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships age group all-around champion; JO National Championships 2012 age group all-around 3rd place.

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