Blogger connects Chinese visitors to Boston attractions

By Ling-Mei Wong


Yuhao Feng loves Boston and wants everyone to know it.

Feng’s social media platform LoveBos has 45,000 Weibo followers who avidly follow his all-Chinese posts on where to eat, play and shop in the greater Boston area. LoveBos’s posts on three local attractions — Boston Duck Tours, Frost Ice Bar and the New England Aquarium — garnered more than 118,000 views, 213 reposts and 102 comments.

“I hope my site is a place that offers valuable Mandarin information to students,” said Feng.

Yuhao Feng is the founder of social media platform LoveBos, which offers recommendations in Chinese on where to eat, play and shop in Boston. (Image courtesy of Yuhao Feng.) 馮宇浩是社交平臺LoveBos的創始人,為4萬5千名跟隨着提供了在波士頓去哪裏吃、玩和購物的中文建議.(圖片由馮宇浩提供。)

Yuhao Feng is the founder of social media platform LoveBos, which offers recommendations in Chinese on where to eat, play and shop in Boston. (Image courtesy of Yuhao Feng.)

Feng came to Boston as an undergraduate student at Northeastern University in 2009. With input from fellow international students and professors, he eagerly explored Boston and launched his Weibo account in January 2012.

“I like to write, I like to walk and try new things,” Feng said. “When I got a car, I could go further to even more places in New England.”

Feng now has a full-time marketing job and works on LoveBos in his spare time. He personally visits each location, shoots photos and only posts about places worth a hearty recommendation.

“Every time I go to restaurants, I don’t tell them who I am,” Feng said. “This is my passion, doing Weibo and my Web site to share information with strangers.… Whether it’s a corporation or local business, it makes me feel good to help people in a special way.”

LoveBos features gorgeous images of food and local attractions, but it gets the most traffic during major Boston news events. When the marathon bombings took place in April 2013, Feng was following local TV reports, Twitter and Reddit in English, which he translated into Chinese for Weibo. In five minutes, his messages were reposted hundreds of times.

“People were listening and watching because I was the only resource,” Feng said. “I felt like I was important as a trustworthy resource.”

Now, after just five years, Feng has no trouble calling Boston home.

“I went to New York, Los Angeles and Seattle, but there’s no other place I love more than Boston,” Feng said. “It’s a very perfect combination of a modern city and a historical city.”


LoveBos recommendations

Yuhao Feng told the Sampan where to find some of the best food and fun in Boston. He tries to recommend places accessible by the T or commuter rail to accommodate international students or visitors who don’t drive.

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  1. Richard Coffman

    I am retired and currently live in Hainan, Sanya, China. Prior to this I have lived in Zhangjiakou and Beijing where I did quite a bit of volunteer work in teaching English and giving seminars. I am originally from the Boston area (Lowell actually). I like your idea in helping to make life connections for people visiting the Boston area. As 2015 approaches, I am trying to plan where to be at that time. I am considering getting an apartment in China town Boston where I can be close to the Chinese culture and language learning I am undergoing now. I agree with you in that Boston is a much better place than LA or NYC.

    If you have any suggestions and future thoughts, I would grateful to hear them. Please keep in touch.

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