May 22 Asian Pacific American Heritage event

WGBH invites the entire Greater Boston community to Celebrate Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month with other fellow WGBH supporters for an engaging evening of conversation. The presentation will include documentary film excerpts from WGBH’s The WORLD channel that highlight a range of issues facing Asian Americans in society today including hybrid and mixed-race heritage and Asian American female identity. You¹ll hear from a distinguished panel and have the chance to pose your questions during the Q & A, moderated by Liz Cheng, General Manager of WGBH Television and WORLD Channel.

A dessert reception and tours of the studios will follow the presentation. This event is free and open to the public, but space is limited. For more information or to RSVP, please visit

The event discussion will touch upon the following films you can view during the month of May on WGBH’s The WORLD channel including:


Local, USA 200F | Building an Identity

As the Asian American population in the United States rises, so do their questions about their place in America; a Japanese-Filipino man narrates the story of his ³becoming American²; a group of mixed race professionals in New York address issues of identity and acceptance; and new mothers try to balance their old heritage with their new culture


The Grace Lee Project

When award-winning Korean-American filmmaker Grace Lee was growing up in Missouri, she was the only Grace Lee she knew. As an adult, however, she moved to New York and then California, where everyone she met seemed to know “another Grace Lee.” But why did they assume that all Grace Lees were nice, dutiful, piano-playing bookworms? Pursuing the moving target of Asian American female identity, the filmmaker plunges into a clever, highly unscientific investigation of all those Grace Lees who break the mold, including the fiery social activist Grace Lee Boggs, the rebel Grace Lee who tried to burn down her high school, and the Silicon Valley teenager Grace Lee who spends evenings doing homework, playing piano, and painting graphic pictures of death and destruction.

This refreshing film reveals the intriguing contradiction of the “Grace Lee” persona, simultaneously impressive and forgettable, special and generic, an emblem of a subculture and an individual who defies categorization. With wit and charm, THE GRACE LEE PROJECT challenges the cultural investments made in the idea of Grace Lee, all the while sending her a love letter.

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