Founder of JP Fuji Group devotes work to Asian American community

By Candice Chen


Jimmy Liang has been making sushi since he was 14 years old and opened his first restaurant when he was only 19. Now, as the owner of JP Fuji Group in Quincy, Liang has also devoted his work to helping the Asian American community.

Liang was born in Guangdong Province in China. Although he came to the United States at the age of four, he has always been seeing China as his home. Liang established the company with his friend Peter Tse in 1998, but is gradually turning into a family business. Now the company owns multiple restaurants all over Boston.

Jimmy Liang rolls out sushi in March. (Image courtesy of Jimmy Liang.)

Jimmy Liang rolls out sushi in March. (Image courtesy of Jimmy Liang.)

Liang and his company have chaired charitable events such as the Greenbrush Project and Quincy Asian Resource’s Lunar New Year Festival. He has also participated in other events to benefit Father Bills, Joslin Diabetes Center and the South Shore YMCA.

“I believe in the importance of giving back to help make the world a better place than you have found it,” Liang said.

To Liang, the Asian American community preserves traditions of the old world, while accepting the cultures of the new. But more importantly, Liang said no matter what or where his community is, it is his intention to help make it better for everyone.

Liang is passionate about his work. But seeing him make sushi, you will never imagine he was an English major in college. Liang wanted to be a writer or teacher at first, but it was his English teacher who encouraged him to do whatever he wanted. At that time, he found his interest was making sushi.

“I really do not feel like I ever work, because I love what I do,” Liang said. Because of his hard work, Liang has been nominated by “South Shore Living” as one of the 10 most influential people in the area.

Speaking of future plans, Liang said he is planning to open more restaurants and continue to contribute to his community. “I will continue to strive to give back and do more for the community I am a part of,” Liang said.

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