Youth Voices:Leonardo da Vinci

By Ray Qin


Leonardo da Vinci was the perfect representative of The European Renaissance. He was a genius painter, scientist, inventor, sculptor, musician, inventor, architect, mathematician, biologist, physicist and so on. Five hundred years after his death, people are still researching and trying to learn more about him. His homeland, Italy, even regards him as the symbol of their culture.

Da Vinci left many creations for the world. He painted the angel in Verrocchio’s “The Baptism of Christ,” and although he only assisted Verrocchio in the facial expression, the soft tinge of the angel overshadowed the entire piece and Verrocchio. Other important and famous creations include “Madonna of the Rocks,” created in Milan and now hanging in the Louvre Museum, Paris, “The Last Supper,” a fresco created on the wall of the dining room of Grey’s monastery in Milan, and the famous “Mona Lisa.” The “Mona Lisa,” “The Virgin, and Child with St. Anne” and “St. John the Baptist” were Da Vinci’s favorite creations and he kept these three paintings with him wherever he went, even when he moved to France in his old age. All three works are currently in Paris.

Of Da Vinci’s many creations, the Mona Lisa left the deepest impression on the world. Even now, people wonder who the real person in painting is. Most people speculate that the real women on that painting was the young wife of a noble named Gioconda. Da Vinci worked on the painting for a total of four years. During that time, Mona Lisa’s child died. Upset, she refused to smile. To make her smile and finish the painting, Da Vinci asked musicians and comic actors to perform for her. When the painting was done, many people were captured by the mysterious smile on Mona Lisa’s face.

The “Mona Lisa” is an unbelievable feat for Da Vinci. He spent four years on it, showing serious consideration and patience. And the mysterious smile on Mona Lisa’s face demonstrated Da Vinci’s excellent and soft painting skill, or how a smile could capture the love of so many people. As a symbol of aesthetics and philosophy, the “Mona Lisa” has become the object of imitation for surrealistic painters. Da Vinci’s superb skill made her smile mysterious and soft, and even a little bit strange. Many people have guessed at the expression Da Vinci was trying to convey, some people feel kind and soft, some people feel strict, and other people feel sad and ridiculous. The use of contrast makes her face and mouth even more elusive. In short, the “Mona Lisa” is one of Da Vinci’s superb creations, and he not only influenced Italy during that particular time, but also the world today.

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