Nine-man volleyball returns to Boston’s Chinatown

By the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of New England


Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of New England (CCBA) President Hung Goon announces a cooperation effort alongside the North American Chinese Volleyball Association-Boston chapter (NACVA-Boston). Volleyball has been an important activity in the community for over sixty years  and it’s past participants have included many prominent members of Chinatown history including Henry Oi, Jimmy Wong, Shue Pon Lee, Arthur Wong, the late Reggie Wong and other leaders. CCBA has been a past lead sponsor of the North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament which will again be held in Boston in three years.

NACVA Association leaders Harry Aue and Dr. Robert Guen will announce the premier showing of the six year production of the Documentary Film “9-MAN”. This film features the afore mentioned leaders and their participation as players and organizers of Nine Man Chinese Volleyball which began in the Chinatowns of the early laundry and restaurant workers. This ongoing activity is still sustained today as it has been passed along to succeeding generations. The details of the World Premier showing on Sunday April 27 in the historic Somerville Theater in Massachusetts international Film Festival will be announced as well as ticketing for the general public.

CCBA Pres. Hung Goon will spearhead a joint effort to assist the NACVA plans to heavily utilize Reggie Wong Memorial Park this year to serve as the training ground for the men and women teams that will include the Chinese Freemasons, the Boston Knights, the Boston Hurricanes, and newer immigrant teams from Toisan, China. The teams will participate in competition in New York, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Toronto-Canada, and finally at the major event in Las Vegas.

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