Tuesday, May 6

7 p.m.

330 Homer Street

Newton, MA 02459

The breadth of the Asian-American experience will surprise you when you come to hear Dr. Paul Y. Watanabe speak as part of Newton’s celebration of Asian Pacific American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. In a program titled From a Different Shore: The Asian American Experience, Dr. Watanabe will explore the themes of growth, longevity and diversity, and will shed light on what is sometimes described as the nation’s invisible minority. This invisibility has persisted despite the long history of Asian American settlement in the U.S. and the fact that Asian Americans are the nation’s fastest growing racial group. Demographic and socioeconomic data, history, sociology, politics and the law will also be discussed. Careful attention will be paid to developing an understanding of Asian Americans as widely diverse and complex, despite the tendency to characterize Asians in the U.S. in a monolithic and stereotypical fashion. The presentation is cosponsored with NAPAN, the Newton Asian Pacific American Network, and will be followed by a reception.

Dr. Paul Y. Watanabe serves in many capacities including as Chair of the U.S. Census Bureau’s National Advisory Committee, member of the Board of Directors of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts and member of the Committee on the Status of Asian Americans of the American Political Science Association, among others. He is the author of Ethnic Groups, Congress, and American Foreign Policy and principal author of A Dream Deferred: Changing Demographics, New Opportunities, and Challenges for Boston.

NAPAN is dedicated to the diversity and well-being of Newton by celebrating cultural heritage, promoting intercultural dialogue and improving access to resources for all Asian Americans in the city.

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