How many cheap buses are still available?

By Candice Chen


Last month, federal regulators once again denied Boston bus company Fung Wah’s request to resume bus service.

Fung Wah’s dock in South Station has been replaced by Mega Bus. (Image courtesy of Candice Chen.)

Fung Wah’s dock in South Station has been replaced by Mega Bus. (Image courtesy of Candice Chen.)

In May 2013, the Chinatown bus operator, which provided roundtrip service between New York and Boston, was told to shut down because of safety violations. Fung Wah has tried to resume service multiple times, with little success.

As the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration told Boston Globe, “The company is not willing or able to comply with the safety standards we require to protect passengers, drivers and the motoring public.”

Fung Wah had been the cheapest bus company in South Station — only 15 dollars per ticket. During weekends and holidays, Fung Wah had buses departing every half hour.

The cheap prices and the convenience factor were what attracted customers such as Frank Hu, a Chinese student in Boston.

According to Hu, he chose Fung Wah for his travel needs, because it was consistently cheaper than its competitors, such as Megabus and Peter Pan. Fung Wah also directly services both cities’ Chinatowns, which was also convenient for Hu.

“I heard some safety issues about Fung Wah, but I didn’t experience any,” said Hu.

Fung Wah’s shut down has attracted media attention from news sources such as the Boston Globe and the Daily Beast, but the company itself has remained silent on the issue.

Now, Fung Wah’s ticket office in South Station has been replaced by Lucky Star, another Chinatown bus service that runs between Boston and New York.

Lucky Star’s price is $25 per ticket, with the exception of the 2 a.m. departure from Boston, which is $30. Lucky Star’s buses depart every hour and run from 2 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The other Chinatown bus service at South Station is YO! Bus. Aside from the route between Boston and New York, the company also runs trips between New York and Philadelphia. The price of a one-way trip from Boston to New York is $20 per ticket, but the company departs only every two hours between 7:45 a.m. and 8 p.m.


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