Construction site in Chinatown falls apart 50 feet in the air, two injured

By Kenny Sui-Fung Yim

Two construction workers were taken to Tufts Medical Center for injuries at a 45 Stuart Street building site, according to the Associated Press on March 20. A third worker was able to walk to Tufts for minor treatment. Stuart Street LLC is planning a 33-story residential high rise scheduled for completion in mid-March 2015. It is being built next to the Millennium Place luxury apartments, forming a skyscraper wall on the western edge of Chinatown.


According to Deputy Fire Chief Robert Calobrisi, the collapse happened when a “dead load” caused the floors to “pancake.” Extra weight on the 12th floor caved in, and the concrete flooring created a domino effect that ended on the 5th floor. The area will now need to be reinforced, setting the project back.

Police officers and firefighters gathered at the scene on LaGrange Street until midday Thursday. There was traffic interruption caused by parked media trucks, but otherwise, LaGrange is not a common thoroughfare, having just opened up due to the recent completion of the Kensington. Firefighters were seen patrolling along Stuart and Tremont Streets to ensure all sides were protected. By noon, they were opening LaGrange Street for cars, but not for pedestrians. The Boston Fire Authority Information and Stuart St. Construction company were unable to be reached for further comments.

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