Youth Voices: A hand for a paw

By Tiffany Du, Tsering Lhadon and Sudan Zhuang


While the first two quarters of our senior year ended with worries and stresses, some students from Malden High School came up with ideas for service projects for this spring. After weeks of planning and discussing, we decided to create a service project that focuses on helping animal shelters in every way possible. However, while our personal motivation came from learning the importance of protecting and taking care of animals, we also are qualified to work on this project.

An animal shelter is a facility that houses and aids homeless, lost or abandoned animals; mostly dogs and cats. The goal of animal shelters is contributing to public health by keeping animals that otherwise would be free on the streets. The aim of animal shelters is to provide homeless animals with a safe, loving and caring environment until they are adopted by new owners, placed in a new home or adopted into new organizations. Volunteering at animal shelter and getting donations of animal items will provide a safer and happier place for animals to live.

By constructing a project to assist the animal shelter, we hope to ensure a safe and healthy recovery for abused and abandoned animals, so that they may be able to find a loving family in the future. Because many people are owners to domesticated animals, they can communicate with these animals on a personal level with their generous contributions. Not all animals are lucky enough to have a family that can take care of them and give them a home. There are abundant amount of animals in the world that are emotionally, mentally and physically tortured every single day. If a person is in a similar situation, they have the opportunity to speak up and fight for what’s right but animals don’t have a voice. Therefore we decided to work on a service project that incorporates us and the animals together.

The purpose of this project is designed for the animals that currently live in the animal shelters in our community. Not many people in our community understand the benefits of helping animals, focusing on volunteering at animal shelter and collecting donations of animal materials will help both students and members from our community to be aware of taking care and projecting those homeless animals. We believe this project will be helpful to those animals that are in need. We also hope that this project can bring more teens and adults together and allow them to share the greatness of helping animals.

We need your help to reach our goal. Donations are highly encouraged. Contact us at or (617) 426-9492 x 205.

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