Film “The Nigerian Frequency” to kick-off 39th Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival

The premier of “The Nigerian Frequency” will kick-off the 39th Annual Boston Science Fiction Film Festival on Friday, February 7th at 7:00 p.m. at the Somerville Theater, 55 Davis Square, Somerville, MA.

The hour-long black, absurdist comedy parodies the darker side of social media and American marketing, telling the story of a not-far-future society that becomes enamored with technology-based avatars. Writer/director Matt Scott explores the lengths to which self-love, -knowledge and -doubt can go, while satirizing the trust people place in technology and its owners.

Produced by Christopher Borden, Zachary Scott and Patrick Snow, “The Nigerian Frequency” is Matt Scott’s first sci-fi effort, and Scott will answer audience questions immediately after the film’s debut. The film was shot entirely on location in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with post-production facilities provided by the Chelmsford, MA Center for the Arts.

The Boston Science Fiction Film Festival was founded in 1976. The first nine days feature full-length feature sci-fi movies, shorts and industry guests from around the world. The festival concludes with a 24-hour film marathon that mixes classics, premieres and the occasional scream-worthy schlocker, and begins at noon on Sunday, Feburary 16th.


Film contact: Matt Scott, 978-430-6423

Release contact: Tom Borden, 973-650-1897

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