Chinatown cracks down on illegal dumping

By the Asian American Civic Association

Chinatown community organizations and the City of Boston have partnered to tackle the issue of illegal dumping and excessive trash in Chinatown over the past several months.

A Community Forum is planned for Feb. 8, at 1 p.m. at the Asian American Civic Association located on 87 Tyler Street, Boston, MA 02111.

“All organizations and individuals are welcome to join the efforts. The more participants there are, the more effective the collaboration is in transforming Chinatown into a clean, hygienic community,” said Mary Chin, Board President of the Asian American Civic Association.

Boston inspectors walked through Chinatown and issued eight abatement orders to building owners, with seven days to correct environmental violations of trash and rodents on Dec. 16, 2013. Two $25 tickets were also given to residents for putting out trash too early.

Illegal dumping is defined by the City of Boston as “discarding garbage, trash, and debris at an unauthorized location.”

John Meaney, Boston’s Director of Environmental Services, said the City has ways to find out who does illegal dumping. Violators can be fined up to $250. Residential trash disposed in the wrong location is subject to a $50 fine, and trash put out on the curb earlier than 5 p.m. before a pickup day results in a $25 fine.

The full list of codes enforced by the City’s Code Enforcement Police can be found online at

“If you see any illegally dumped trash, leave the trash and call Inspectional Services to have a Code Enforcement Officer come tag it,” Meaney said.

Min Wu, Assistant Executive Director of the Chinese Economic Development Council, is frustrated at the current situation.

 “It’s a lose-lose situation because if we clean up the trash that has been illegally dumped, it actually encourages violators to keep dumping their trash there because they know someone will clean it up,” Wu said. “If we don’t clean it up, it becomes disgusting and begins to smell.”

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