Surface Tension brings visual arts to Boston

By Hao Lu


Surface Tension, an exhibit of mixed media and paintings by Susan Heideman and Sand T Kalloch, was presented by Simmons College at the Trustman Art Gallery.

The two artists are particularly interested in making people notice the surface of their images. While Heideman painted on ragged surfaces, deconstructing monotypes, ripping apart and sewing or gluing the pieces together, Kalloch used a combination of ultraviolet light-resistant epoxy resin, graphite and acrylic paint on archival tempered wood or acrylic glass panels.

Image courtesy of Hao Lu.  圖片來自呂昊。

Image courtesy of Hao Lu.

“I started this series in 2007,” said Kalloch. One day, when working on another art piece, she accidentally dropped some resin on the colored paper. She found the dried droplets to be very beautiful, and decided to make them into a series called “lines+droplets.”

Born in Malaysia, Kalloch received her master’s degree in fine arts from Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. She is now an award-winning artist working full-time creating mixed-media art objects from her studio in Malden.


She focused on utilizing the basic elements of visual language, such as dots, lines, surfaces, color, form and light, to create maximum visual impact.

Apart from “lines+droplets,” she is working on other projects such as quiet, field, recorded silence, stillness in motion, abstract landscapes, and “time+space+energy.”

The process of creating the “lines+droplets” series was a time-consuming affair in a controlled environment.

There are many layers contained in one piece. The colored panels, lines and dots are separated by resin in different layers. Each layer requires time and attention to details.

“I vacuum my studio whenever often, doing so to minimize dust in the air.  I also need to make sure the humidity in my studio is neither too high nor too low, and that the temperature is optimal for the resin to set perfectly.  My studio environment needs to be tightly controlled, otherwise my art making process will be interrupted,” Kalloch said.

Surface Tension will be exhibited from Oct. 7 to Nov. 7 at the Trustman Art Gallery. The gallery is free, open to the public and wheelchair accessible.


Trustman Art Gallery

10 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday

4th floor, Main College Building

Simmons College

300 Fenway, Boston, MA 02115

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