ABCD Dorchester NSC holds ‘Citizenship Day’

ABCD partners with Harvard Kennedy School of Govnerment to guide non-citizens on a path towards U.S. Citizenship

WHAT: Action for Boston Community Development’s (ABCD) is hosting “Citizenship Day” at its Dorchester Neighborhood Services Center location.

In an effort to encourage more individuals to apply for U.S. citizenship, ABCD is hosting one of three citizenship events  this coming Thursday August 29, from 11-3 at its Dorchester Neighborhood Services Center location.  

WHEN: Thursday, August 29, 2013 from 11:00AM to 3:00PM 

WHERE: ABCD Dorchester Neighborhood Services Center, 110 Claybourne Street, Dorchester, MA, 02124

BACKGROUND: The event will offer immigrants with assistance in completing their application for US citizenship.  Applicants will have access to applying for  application  fee waivers – a big deterrent to applying for U.S. Citizenship – medical exemptions and the opportunity to sign up for free civic classes at two ABCD locations.  Citizenship days began one year ago at ABCD as a result of the increase in demand for low cost assistance in applying for US citizenship. ABCD has a large wait list of clients waiting for these services that allow them access to civic participation, government jobs and the ability to migrate family members for more familial support.  In the next month, ABCD will be hosting three different citizenship days at various locations across the city to address this need.  In total, 125 US applications will be completed and immigrants will be saving $85,000 in filing fees with the assistance of our fee waiver services.

Attendees of the event will leave with a complete citizenship package, an addressed envelope with instructions, and invitation to be part of the ABCD’s civics class. ABCD prepares not only applications and fee waivers but also prepares them for the citizenship exam through civic classes and follows up with applicants until their application for US citizenship is approved. ABCD also offers English classes for immigrants at multiple locations.

The event this Thursday at ABCD Dorchester Neighborhood Service Center will be hosted by ABCD staff and volunteer students from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Two more citizenship days will take place in September at other ABCD locations.

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